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Regan McCreight is originally from Virginia Beach, VA and has lived in Florida for the past 20 years. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and majored in International Relations and Economics. With a long history in customer service, marketing, and development, she was encouraged to become a Community Association Manager while working for a Tampa Bay Developer.
Since diving into the industry, she’s found her passion for community management and demonstrates that by creating positive relationships and experiences with her associations while assisting them in the shared goal to increase property value and overall community satisfaction. She is an experienced Portfolio Manager that has managed high-rise beach front condominiums and master planned homeowner’s associations.
Regan prides herself in timely resolution, effective communication, and professionalism to meet the evolving needs of a community.
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Mike Kersmarki and his wife, Liz, who served on the Cumberland Manor Architectural Review Committee for many years, have lived on Steeplechase for more than 15 years. We love living in a community where so many good people are involved in helping to preserve and improve our little corner of the universe.

Mike is a graduate of Ohio State University and was a business editor of the Tampa Tribune for many years as part of a more than 25-year journalism career.

In addition to serving on the HOA board, he also is Secretary of the board the for the Hillsborough County Industrial Revenue Authority.

He currently is involved in local politics, serving as a Republican committeeman for Precinct 525. Previously, Mike was on the communications team for the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa and also served in a similar capacity for the McCain Presidential Campaign.

His Catholic parish is St. Paul on North Dale Mabry.

Mike grew up in Alliance, Ohio, home of the Buckeye State's official flower, the Scarlet Carnation. Alliance is also the hometown of Lenny Dawson, the Super-Bowl winning quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs in the 70s.
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George Tharin, serves as Vice-President on the Cumberland Manors HOA board of Directors. George is a resident of our community since 2016. He is an Architect with Williamson Design Associates since 2004 and has practiced in his profession over 34 years in the Tampa Bay Area. George has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. and a graduate of Jesuit High School, class of 1980. He is married, 33 glorious years, to his wife Julie.  They have 2 sons and a dog. They are life-long members of St. Lawrence Catholic Church.  
George is committed to serving the residents of our community. He is blessed to serve and to contribute to the continued quality of life and to maintaining the special beauty of our Cumberland Manors. 
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Vicki Baker is a true Tampa native and has resided in Cumberland Manors for 14 years. She has been a member of the Board for 12 of those 14 years, five of which she has served as secretary.
She truly loves our community and helps organize our annual Easter Egg Hunt and Fall Festival.  She also takes part in decorating the main entry for the holidays.
She is a licensed residential contractor and has an active building business.  She is also a public servant with Hillsborough County government.
"I am honored and privileged to be a part of such a wonderful neighborhood."
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Peter Plant and his wife, Lona, have resided in Cumberland Manors since 1995. We both grew up in Chicago (GO Cubs!), and have also lived in Madison, Wisconsin and Tallahassee. 
Semi-retired, Peter was an executive with a national company providing treatment programs for adjudicated delinquents, was the former Administrator of Delinquency Services (today the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice), and is a certified PREA program auditor.
Peter also serves on the Architectural Review Committee, which is chaired by Lona. When not sheltering in place, we enjoy visiting our daughter and two grandchildren in Connecticut.
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A copy of our Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Declarations of Restrictions and Appendices is available here.
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The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is constantly striving to maintain the appearance of our community and to keep it at it's best. This will allow all of us to maintain our property values and have a beautiful and respected community here in Hillsborough County.
  • The Architectural Review Form is available here.
  • A copy of our Minimum Community Standards is available here.
  • A list of our Acceptable Exterior Colors is available here.
We thank you for your cooperation and we always welcome additional members to the committee.
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Cumberland Manors has a Rental Restriction Amendment in place. 
You can view that amendment by clicking here - Rental Restriction Amendment
Updated: 02/16/2023 (05:51 PM)
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  • Place PUBLIC COMMENTS at the beginning of a meeting's agenda.
  • Each property owner who wants to speak will identify themselves AND their address, giving our stenographer time to enter them into the system correctly, asking any questions for confirmation of information, if necessary.
  • Then, the meeting monitor and/or the stenographer will start a 10-minute timer. Each speaker will be warned when there is one minute to go, if necessary.
  • Only one property owner will be granted access to speak at a time to avoid confusion from overlapping commentary. Other property owners who wish to speak during Public Comments will remain queued up but muted until their turn occurs. Their order in the public comments queue will be decided by the meeting monitor.
  • Property owners can use their time to outline problems & potential solutions for the neighborhood as they see them and any other commentary either involving their property or HOA business, management and planning. Board members and staff can comment at their option in response to a property owner's statement, either during the public commentary or afterward.
  • After public comments at video conference meetings, property owners signed onto the meeting will be muted by the Greenacre meeting monitor except for:
  1. HOA board members
  2. Greenacre and contract staff, including the stenographer and our attorney and/or their representative, and any other person the meeting monitor and/or HOA board president deems appropriate to the proceedings.
  3. This status will continue until the meeting's conclusion, ensuring that the HOA board meeting can be conducted in an orderly, timely and efficient fashion.
  4. While this potentially could add significantly to our meeting time, it's important that we hear what's on the minds of our property owners.
And, as I've said in the protocols, this structure can also help ensure that HOA board meetings can be conducted in an orderly, timely and efficient fashion.


Mike Kersmarki
President, Cumberland Manors HOA

For further information call: 813-600-1100 Ext 117.
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Welcome to the Cumberland Manors Homeowner's Association
Cumberland Manors is a deed restricted community located in Northwest Hillsborough County.  We are within minutes of the Veteran's Expressway, Citrus Park Mall, schools, theaters and restaurants.  There are 247 single family homes in our community with common areas that include a park with ponds and a playground.
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