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Posted on September 29, 2020 10:17 AM by Admin
Categories: Meetings
  • Place PUBLIC COMMENTS at the beginning of a meeting's agenda.
  • Each property owner who wants to speak will identify themselves AND their address, giving our stenographer time to enter them into the system correctly, asking any questions for confirmation of information, if necessary.
  • Then, the meeting monitor and/or the stenographer will start a 10-minute timer. Each speaker will be warned when there is one minute to go, if necessary.
  • Only one property owner will be granted access to speak at a time to avoid confusion from overlapping commentary. Other property owners who wish to speak during Public Comments will remain queued up but muted until their turn occurs. Their order in the public comments queue will be decided by the meeting monitor.
  • Property owners can use their time to outline problems & potential solutions for the neighborhood as they see them and any other commentary either involving their property or HOA business, management and planning. Board members and staff can comment at their option in response to a property owner's statement, either during the public commentary or afterward.
  • After public comments at video conference meetings, property owners signed onto the meeting will be muted by the Greenacre meeting monitor except for:
  1. HOA board members
  2. Greenacre and contract staff, including the stenographer and our attorney and/or their representative, and any other person the meeting monitor and/or HOA board president deems appropriate to the proceedings.
  3. This status will continue until the meeting's conclusion, ensuring that the HOA board meeting can be conducted in an orderly, timely and efficient fashion.
  4. While this potentially could add significantly to our meeting time, it's important that we hear what's on the minds of our property owners.
And, as I've said in the protocols, this structure can also help ensure that HOA board meetings can be conducted in an orderly, timely and efficient fashion.


Mike Kersmarki
President, Cumberland Manors HOA

For further information call: 813-600-1100 Ext 117.